Well Guarded Secrets About Rowing Machine

A rowing machine or an ergometer is exercise equipment that gives a near total body workout like quads, hamstring, back, arms, shoulder, calves, legs etc. It increases aerobic fitness, strengthens muscles and builds explosive power that truly depends on how you use it. When you see the rowing machine, it looks pretty cool at the first glance and offers the straight forward operation as compared to other exercise machines. The introduction to the indoor rowing machine gives you the better understanding and you can rule your own machine by following the guarded secrets.

1. Damper Setting:

While rowing, you must be vigilant about damper setting and try to adjust the damper that suits to your fitness. The damper acts like a lever and located at the side of the flywheel. The purpose of this damper is to control the resistance level of the pull chain which resembles to control the resistance level on the bicycle. In any case, if you are unable to adjust the damper then you will not get the appropriate results that you wish for your exercise tool. Professional and skilled people give the suggestion to the new learners and beginners to set the damper between 3 and 5 that is more appropriate and gives you the marvelous feeling of rowing on the water.

2. Good Posture Is Very Important:

There are lots of people who droop onward when they sit at the rowing machine. Try to maintain your natural body posture while rowing. Engage your legs because you can get more power from legs as compared to other body parts. When you extend your legs, hinge your hips back and try to maintain the spine position naturally through the full range of motion. When you pull the handle, you just need to make sure that that the handle should be in the bottom of the ribs.

3. Avoid To Row With Only Your Arms:

The arms do the 20 percent of work while rowing. The common mistake that is done by most of the people is the only use of your arms. It is best to relax your arms when you extend it and the hand and wrist movement let you to hold the handle securely to get the fruitful result in rowing. The key point is to use the legs also and row in a smooth and controlled manner.

4. You Lose Excess Fat:

The rowing machine is considered as the best equipment that is most beneficial to lose excess weight and tone your body. By utilizing this activity, you engage your upper and lower body muscles. Moreover, the incredible exercise tone the lean muscles in the abdomen, the thighs and the upper arm muscles.

5. Cardio Health Benefits:

It is good for the beginners to row at low level resistance to get used to the activity. When you slow down the resistance level you can get the lots of cardio health benefits. By utilizing slow and steady movement you accomplish a complete cardiovascular routine with th