Usage Guide

How To Use Rowing Machine?

To maintain a physical fitness is very tough and hard especially when you have to do it on daily basis. There are different types of exercise machines on the market but the rowing machine has no comparison that comes with complete physical fitness. Some machines come with complicated operation and it gets frustrated for most of the persons and they avoid exercise. A rowing machine is amazing exercise equipment that gives you lots of health benefits even at home with its compact size and easy use.

Overview of Rowing machine:

Rowing machine is basically an exercise tool that provides an ease and comfort while using. The rowing machine has an incredible features that does not only tone your muscles but helpful to build the muscles also. The rowing machine is more effective in maintaining the physical fitness and comes with display screen that acts more effectively to give you progress about your workout. The monitor displays the heart rate, strokes per minute, burned calories, scan and much more to track your progress and bring your fitness to the next level. For user’s ease and convenience, some steps are listed below that will help you to use the rowing machine correctly.

Eight Easiest Steps:

Step 1:

For the beginners, it is very important to lower down the resistance for your first row and gradually ramp it up on the following rows.

Step 2:

Put your feet on the footpad and secure them with tight straps so that your feet won’t move while rowing.

Step 3:

There is a need to slide the top of the machine by putting your knees up. Now grab the handle with your hand but make sure that the grip should not be tight.

Step 4:

Pull the handle as you slide at the end of the machine by making sure that your legs should be straight and the knees should have little bend. Lean back a little and pull your hands up to the chest, with the help of elbow point down against your sides. In this way, you will complete your first stroke that is considered as the ending position.

Step 5:

By following your upper body, move your arms out but make sure that your back should be straight not baggy. As you extend your arms, the position of your upper body will slightly angled at the back and slightly angled at the forward. As your arms more extends to the forward then your body will automatically will lean forward on the seat and your legs would be in bend position. When you reach at the starting point of the machine, then your arms should be straight and the legs will be bent. The part of the stroke is known as catch.

Step 6:

Now we are moving towards the drive part. To achieve this part, you just need to slide back to the end of the machine. By doing this, push off with your feet first. Your arms will be still extended. This part of the exercise mimics pulls the oars out of the water that’s why it is called rowing machine. As you push through with your legs, slide your upper body to lean back.

Step 7:

The last part of your body that will come to the finish position would be your arms. There is no need to grip the handle tightly because the power should be through your legs and if you pull too much force with your hands then it will cause hand blisters.

Step 8:

By following the previous steps, keep continuing your strokes slowly at low resistance until you get use to.