Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine

Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine

Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine is considered as the cheapest machine. The rowing machine is simple, steady and robust as well as creates the best opportunity for those who live in houses and has no appointment for gym. The machine is very affordable and everyone can get and take the benefit from this particular machine. The machine is very well efficient that is designed to work on all your body muscles with every stroke and in a low impact way.

The Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine boost metabolism and good to burns calories. The machine gives an adjustable level of resistance that is best to tone your muscles. The light weight machine allows full range of motion and is more comfortable while rowing.  The design is very attractive and gives the robust feeling. The machine is well efficient to give you good results and works on your upper and lower body muscles.

The machine works with 12 adjustable level of hydraulic resistance to give you the most preferable fitness level. The machine is an excellent solution for the beginners and the average users with its highly adjustable level and other features. It features the best quality that improves your current fitness level and comes with monitor display to track your progress. The machine is easily moved and stored in any place when you are not using it. For the ease of the users, some of the features are listed below.

1. Inexpensive Yet Durable

The machine is inexpensive and in the range of every one. It is the great blessing for those who are concerned about their budget and wish to avail the machine to keep them fit. The machine is inexpensive but yet it maintains its quality and features the durable construction according to price. The machine gives the best possible workout session and it is suited for people that belong to different ages and sizes. The machine offers the simple design along with the sturdy construction.

2. Customized Feature

The machine comes with the customized feature and gives the accessibility to choose the level of resistance from 12 levels. It creates the option to select that level that suits to your fitness and according to your need and requirement. The adjustment feature makes it ideal for most of the persons and they use it freely.

3. Best for All Muscles Group

The machine is best for all muscles group that incorporate a whole body workout. It works on your important muscles group including upper body, the back, abdomen and the lower body. By adjusting the resistance level, you can get the benefit from this exercise. Similarly, the smooth and repetitive exercise is best for your heart functions and gives the strength. In this way, you can get the lots of health benefits that will surely help you to live a better life.

4. Simple Design

The rowing machine offers the simple design with an easy operation. The smooth running seat is most comfortable and accommodates a weight up to 220 pounds. The handle provides the amazing grip and keep you engage for rowing. The machine is loaded with adjustable foot straps that are perfect for every shoe size and provide a complete balance. It does not allow moving your feet from one place to another while rowing.

5. Track Your Progress

The machine comes with monitor that allows tracking your progress. It is effective to show time, total count and burn calories. It helps you to meet to the fitness level.

Pros and Cons of Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine


  • The machine gives the comfort.
  • The handles are foam padded.
  • The pedals are large and sturdy.


  • The display is not designed to monitor heart rate.
  • The machine does not accommodate those who are over 6 feet.