Stamina Air Rower

Stamina Air Rower (Black, Chrome)

The stamina air rower machine is little bigger as compared to entry level rowing machine. As the machine is big in size but it is easy to assemble and store also. The machine features good qualities with comfortable seat, perfect balance, robust construction and much more. The machine is great for the users of every level. The machine works through the fan to create a smooth workout.

The machine offers the steel frame and solid construction. The sliding seat is surprisingly comfortable and foot pads are perfect for any shoe size. The adjustable strap keeps the foot in its place. Air rower steel frame is easy to fold up and roll out on the wheels. You can use the handy rolling wheels that are built in at the bottom of the rower to make the folding convenient. The engineers have designed this machine to build last.

The rowing machine is convenient, durable and offers an effective fitness. It is an excellent opportunity for those who are interested to build up their stamina. The machine takes a little time to get use of because it does not use traditional resistance settings but when you get used to, this machine gives an impressive workout. The machine offers the extended seat rail that is best for those who are over 6 feet and comfortable to extend their legs. The machine offers the three year frame warranty as well as parts warranty of 90 days. If you are serious to build up your stamina then this machine gives the facility.

1. Air Resistance

Stamina Air Rower machine with Air resistance is one of the most excellent and smoothest kinds of resistance machine that you can find. If you want more resistance then this machine is excellent and ensures that the more and harder you workout, there are more chances to built the resistance to kick up your workout intensity. This particular type of machine produces a different feel as compared to magnetic rowing machine or water resistance rowing machine.

2. Storage is Simple

As the machine looks bigger but the best thing is engineers have designed this machine for the ease of users. They designed it in such a way as to provide the ease when they intended to store the machine. The frame is foldable just to keep in mind of storage and features the excellent compact dimensions. The foldable frame makes the storage simpler and it makes you comfortable with this machine to store anywhere.

3. Comfortable Seat

The machine offers the comfortable seat that is upholstered and provide more cushioned to make it comfortable for the users. It features an effective grip and is designed to provide the safety and security during rowing. The upholstered padded big seat is an excellent addition and its angular rails create good sliding with huge paddles.

4. Specification of Rowing Machine

The machine offers the full dimension 77 inch length by 18 inch width by 22 inch tall as well as the              folded dimension 48 inch length by 18 inch width by 28 inch tall. The Stamina Air Rower machine   involves the electronic monitor that calculates the duration of the session, calories burned, distance and speed also.

5. Large Footplates

The rowing machine offers large footplates to accommodate every shoe size. It is most suitable for most of the person that make it convenient for almost different types of people with varying shoe sizes.

Pros and Cons of Stamina Air Rower (Black, Chrome)


  • The motion is quite easy.
  • The steel frame is long lasting.
  • The nylon foot straps are adaptable.
  • The rowing machine offers the great resistance.


  • It produces no level of resistance to get modified.