Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine with Free Motion Arms

Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine with Free Motion Arms

Stamina 1215 orbital rowing machine with free motion arm is compact and portable and is an admirable addition for limited space and your apartment. The machine is solid and robust and gives you an amazing feel like you are rowing on the boat. The free motion arm let the user to hit all the upper main muscles that will eventually tone your muscles and helpful to burn the calories. With this rowing machine, you are not only able to tone your muscles but you can also get great cardio workout.

The rowing machine provides the ergonomic design along with pivot footpads and comfortable seat. It comes with one button monitor that gives you the feedback of your workout and keeps you informed to reach to the next fitness level. The rowing machine with free motion arm is a type of hydraulic piston resistance. The two independent arms offer the adjustable piston that is attached to each arm. The machine is good in its nature that provides the good level of flexibility.

For those people who are limited in space, the Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine with Free Motion Arm promotes the best fitness solution. The machine is ideal for those people who are adult with average height. The rowing machine works for the whole body to give it strength and to provide the cardiovascular exercise. Overall, the machine brings a lot that will help you to improve your fitness level in reasonable price.

1.Good Quality

The frame is manufactured with steel material along with an aluminum beam to make it sturdy and robust but still with this heavy material it is not so heavy. The machine is a piston-resistance rower, that is expected to be quiet and users like this amazing feature.  The machine is lower price but still maintains its quality and does not produce squeaky sound to disturb your workout that creates the good sign.

2.Comfortable Machine

The machine is comfortable with its seat and pivot footrest. The seat is adequate for normal rowing sessions by offering padded thick seat. The seat add the comfort especially if you row for longer period of time. Similarly, the handles are wrapped with foam that gives the secure grip and helpful in creating non-slip surface that is very comfortable and sufficient for everyday rowing. The pivot footrest let the user to move feet naturally while rowing that provides the more range of motion as compared to non-pivot footrests.

3. 5 Resistance Level

The machine offer 5 resistance level for each handle that come with adjustable features by sliding and tighten the tension adjusters on the arm handle. This can be helpful for those users who do not have balanced upper body. To add more resistance, the machine arrives with the amazing option by raising the tail end of the rower off the ground.

4. Monitor

The machine comes with the monitor and the display shows speed, time, distance, burn calories and row count. The monitor is very well efficient that tracks your important workout statistics. The monitor turns on by pressing the button that is located on the face of the monitor.

5. Dimensions

The machine offers 48 inches L by 32.5 inches W by 27.75 inches H with five year frame warranty and 90 days parts warranty.

Pros and Cons of Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine with Free Motion Arms


  • The frame is solid.
  • It is perfect for limited space.
  • It offers quiet hydraulic resistance.
  • It is good to raise angle of seat rail.
  • It offers five level of adjustable resistance.


  • Assembly requires time.
  • It is not ideal for all heights.