Rowing Machine Workout Plan For Beginners

The best rowing machine offers the smoothest movement to come back to your rower for more. The rowing machine provides the total body workout because it requires an equal movement and effort from both your upper and lower body that leads to more calories burned and gain cardiovascular fitness. Yu can achieve lots of health benefits if you are seriously motivated towards it. If you do your workout for about 10 minutes on the same resistance level you will get less from your sessions and eventually you will get bored and will quit.

Important Key Factors:

  • Think of the training plan and pick the appropriate and correct technique for workout
  • Pay attention to your heart rate
  • Track your workout

Workout Program For Beginners

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The most important key factor is your technique. If you adopt the technique correctly then you will get lots of health benefits. For the beginners, who want to stay in shape for rest of life this program will help them to get the best from their rower. The key to get the most from your rowing machine is variation and stay interested for varying your workouts as well as move towards intermediate rowing workout program.

Distance in Meters Workout Intensity Stroke Per Minute
750m Easy 28 to 32
1000m Easy 28 to 32
750m Moderate 32 to 36
2 x 500m Moderate 28 to 32

Tips For Beginners

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  • For the beginners, rowing machine can be an unapproachable process. Although it offers simple and easy operation but it can be boring for most of the person and the prior reason can be the same resistance level. For the novice, they should start with the low resistance level according to their ability and once they get used to then they should increase the resistance level. It will help them to achieve the goal and will help them to track their previous record and do the comparison with the new one.
  • The set up of ergometer is very simple and once you will understand all of the buttons and the screen options then you will get the best. Damper setting is the most important thing that acts as a lever on the right side of flywheel and controls how much air flows into the cage. Damper can be set at a value of 1 to 10.Each ergometer is little different but on most rowing machine a drag factor of 110 to 120 usually fall along the level of 4 to 6 on damper setting.
  • If you are beginner and you want a reliable machine to keep you fit then the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 is the excellent addition for your home. The machine is not ideal only for heart patient but is good for those who are health conscious and want to stay fit. The machine is user friendly and the flywheel design is very impressive. It comes with PM5 monitor to keep you motivated towards your fitness level and keep you informed about burned calories, heart rate, stroke per minute and pulse rate as well.