Pros and Cons of Rowing Machine

Rowing is an excellent exercise to get maximum physical fitness. It gives you an amazing feeling like rowing a boat on the water. It is such a versatile tool to attain a great and attractive figure. By adding resistance you can build lean muscles and to look firm and young. If you don’t like the high resistance and want to lighten the resistance then you can move towards the cardio health benefits. It is very important to know the pros and cons of the machine that will help you in determining the best rowing machine and can be a great fit for your fitness goals.

Pros of Rowing Machine:

1. Helpful To Burn Calories

The rowing machine is most helpful to burn your calories to keep you fit and healthy. When you use rowing machine, you can burn up to 800 calories in an hour. It provides the more effective workout as compared to other types of exercise equipments like exercise bike, treadmill and similar other types of exercise machines to burn calories.

2. It Provides Whole Body Workout

The rowing machine gives the effective and efficient workout. It provides whole body workout and works on major muscles group of your body. If you follow the proper technique, then you will be able to get an upper body workout, lower body workout as well as an impressive body core workout.

3. Low Impact Exercise:

Rowing is known as the low impact exercise and very relaxing on your body. It is also good for those who suffer from joints pain. The rowing machine minimizes the risk of injury. If the knees and hips joints are subjected to pain just because of arthritis it allows you to do the exercise without any fear and difficulty. The indoor rower creates the best opportunity to row in any weather.

Cons of Rowing Machine:

1. Back Pain:

The drawback of the machine allows you to use the machine in a correct way and adopt the proper and correct technique. If you don’t use the rowing machine in a correct order, then you can face the back pain that put you in trouble for weeks.

2. Need A Lot Of Space:

The rowing machine needs a lot of space for the flywheel, rails and the tank. You just need a good space to extend your arms and the legs. There are some of the rowing machines that can create a problem to have into small room or the apartment.

3. It Can Be Noisy:

The rowing machines can produce the sound when you row continuously. It can be frustrating most of the time and if you live in small house and the apartment then this noise cannot be ignorable.

Other Considerable Benefits Of Rowing Machine:

  • It is simple to use.
  • It is ideal for those people who are new to exercise.
  • While using rowing machine, you can watch TV or listen music.
  • You pretend that you are on the boat and get the sensational feeling.