How To Use The Rowing Machine and 2 Workouts For Strength

A rowing machine can give you whole body workout.  Rowing can help you in increasing your performance in any sport. A regular rowing machine can help you to build lean muscles, tone them and even give them strength. It is best for those who want a physical fitness. It can also be effective for an entire cardiovascular system.

How To Use The Rowing Machine

Rowing machine is known as good indoor rowing machine that give you an accessibility to use in the home also and keep yourself away to get an expensive membership of gym . Once you purchase the machine, the main rule of thumb is how you will use the machine.

1. The Catch:

The catch is considered as the first movement when you intend to row. We can express the catch in this way when your seat is slid forward and your knees are bent but in this position your arms should be fully extended. When you will perform this stage then it means that you are ready to move towards the second stage i.e. ‘’The Drive’’.

2. The Drive:

The drive is considered as the second stage and delivers you good cardio results. On this stage, keep your arms extended when you push back on the pedals. Straight your legs and move back slightly at the same time. Pull your arms into your torso when the legs are fully extended and your seat can not slide back any further.

3. Back To The Catch:

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Once you complete the drive stage then there is a time to move back to the catch to repeat the fully rowing motion.

The most important thing is to make sure that your back should be straight and adopt a proper body posture throughout the workout. Secure your feet properly with the straps on the foothold and hold the handle with your palms.

Rowing Machine Workouts For Strength

1. Progressive Pyramid Workout

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This workout is very helpful and if you are newbie then this particular workout will help you to get used to this and alternatively will help you build your endurance. This workout will take almost 40 minutes and it will be start on low intensity. This workout will follow the ratio of 1:1 that means 1 minute row and 1 minute rest. Once you will reach the 4 minutes row give the rest for 4 minutes and then decrease the intervals until you reach the 1 minute row and 1 minute rest. The stroke rate will lie between 26 and 32.

2. Leapfrog Rowing Workout

This workout will take 46 minutes to complete. You can warm yourself up for 10 minutes with an easy row before to start this workout. For this, do the sprint only for 1 minute and give the rest for 1 minute. Repeat it for five times and slowly enhance your stroke rate from 26-28 for each second repetition and this interval will be repeat 3 times.