Four Common Early Mistakes You Do While Rowing and Their Solutions

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Rowing machines are considered as the best indoor rowing machines and you can achieve lots of benefits at home also. In such busy routine, it is very hard and difficult and no one has such time to go the gym on daily basis especially when you are too much busy in your work. The indoor rowers are the great option to avail the benefits and move you towards the fit and healthy life. For the beginners, this article is pure blessing that highlights most of the mistakes that you do while rowing and comes with the solution to get rid of that problem.

Mistake 1: Rowing In The Wrong Order:

The most common mistake that most of the new learners do while rowing is wrong order. When they come to the drive step, they mostly use the upper body and the arms soon.


For every stroke there is a need to have patience. You just need to focus on your workout and need to manage the sequence from the big muscles group to the smaller muscles group. The large muscles of your legs do the most of the work. There is a requirement to keep your feet in contact with the footpad to make the correct order.

Mistake 2: Pull Too Much With Your Upper Body:

There are most of the guys that commit mistake by leaning their upper body very far past a 90 degree angle with the floor can creates the back pain by putting your back in a wrong position. In this way, you invite the risk of injury.


It is very important to move your upper body as far as you can without breaking the contact of foot with footpad. You just need to stay close to the 90 degree angle by making the comfort level at the top.

Mistake 3: Loose Grip Of Your Hand:

Mostly guys don’t hold the handle in a correct way and hold them with the first knuckles of their fingers that creates loose grip.


You just need to wrap your fingers around your handle so that the second knuckles face towards with your thumb. The wrist should be flat and not rolled to the outside. To improve your grip on the handle, try to row with an overhand hold and your thumbs should be on the top of the handle.

Mistake 4: Inappropriate Sitting Position:

The sitting position should be correct that can also create problem while rowing. There are lots of people that don’t care about proper sitting and row with the curved back and rolled hips to the forward.


First of all, you have to practice with your torso. Move backward and onward from hips and the legs and the arms should be extended. When you reach to the second part of the drive step or technique and when your upper body hinges after the legs are straighten then there is the perfect time to focus on the seat movement under you.