Buying tips for rowing machines

Rowing machines give an expansive workout that produces basic results in a brief time span. If you are pondering to the purchase of a rowing machine, there are various things that you should consider first. When you are buying a rowing machine you have to consider different things like rowing power, rowing speed and rowing type. Means different things are too take care of while buying a rowing machine so here we are to help you in this matter. Buying tips for rowing machines are given below you can follow them in order to get bets results.


  1. Know about resistant type and decide which suits you

Rowing machines come in four different types according to the resistance like Air, Hydraulic, Magnetic and water resistance rowing machines. You have to decide first that what kind of rowing you want and which machine suits you in the best way after seeing buying tips for rowing machines.

  • Air resistance is the most commonly used rowing machine in gyms and homes this machines intensity depends on the power of your each row. It is the hardest rower than any of other types.
  • Hydraulic rowing machines are the low priced easily affordable and easy to store machines
  • Magnetic rowing machines are the smooth and light rowers which gives you a noise free rowing
  • Water rowing machines are similar like air rower but intensity of each row is comparatively low and prices are quite high.


  1. Look at your Usage of rowing machine

Are you a regular rower or a seasonal rower? You row at regular intervals daily or weekly or monthly? Ask these questions to yourself first before buying rowing machine any of the four kinds. Most of the seasonal rowers use air or water rower machines because it gives the hard rowing experience with smoothness.


  1. What’s your budget?

Once you have figured out that which rowing machine type suits you and what is your rowing usage now it’s time to decide what is your budget? Rowing machines comes in different prices and most common categories of its price are over $700, $500 to $1000 and under $500. You can select any rowing machine with in your budget according to your needs. Rowing machines under $500 are also of very well quality and they didn’t create issues but under $1k provides you some extra features.


  1. Read rowing machine reviews

After you have decided your budget then before buying just go on the different websites and read few of the best rowing machine reviews. These are the reviews of the real customers about the product. It will help you in the most that which rowing machine is best for you.


  1. Select a rowing machine

In the final step select the rowing machine after reading reviews and deciding your budget. These buying tips for rowing machine won’t disappoint you.


We have discussed some buying tips for rowing machine with you and these will prove very beneficial for you in selection of rowing machine. Believe me all these tips won’t disappoint you.

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