Burn Your Calories On Rowing Machine

Rowing is considered as form of exercise that demands power and works on your body in several different ways at once. Rowing gives you a sensational experience like having to step into a boat or go near the water. Rowing machine is helpful in burning your calories. Knowing the number of calories you burn is associated with diet and an amazing workout that will help you in lose weight.

What Are Calories?

Before burning your calories, the most important thing is to know ‘’what are calories’’. We can describe the calorie is a measure of energy just like that we say pound is a unit of measurement used to measure weight and similarly mile is a measure of distance.

How We Can Burn Calories?

Our body actually starts burn calories in many different ways like eating, digestion, breathing, workout and much more. Almost 30% of our calories are burned with physical activity or workout. The more strenuous the workout the greater the calorie burned.

How Many Calories To Lose One Pound?

To lose one pound of weight you have to burn 3, 500 calories. In simple words we can say that 3,500 burned calories equals to one pound. The advisable thing is you should use a calorie counter regularly if you are serious to burn your calories.

How Much You Burn Your Calories?

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How much you burn your calories while using rowing machine vary from person to person because it is mainly depend upon your personal information like age, weight, heart rate etc. If you are out of shape then you have much tendency to burn your calories because your heart rate will be higher. This table will help you to get the rough idea about how many calories are burned related to workout intensity and the time.

Weight in Lbs Workout Intensity Total Time Number of Calories Burned
125 Moderate 1 hr 410
125 Vigorous 1 hr 510
155 Moderate 1 hr 520
155 Vigorous 1 hr 632
185 Moderate 1 hr 622
185 Vigorous 1 hr 754
240 Moderate 1 hr 654
240 Vigorous 1 hr 795


Rowing Machine Workout

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It is quite difficult to calculate the number of calories burned because it varies from person to person. To solve this difficulty the rowing machine that is known as Concept2 Model D and E with PM5 Monitor is an excellent addition in market. The rowing machine fitness monitor calculates the number of calories burned on your rowing machine that includes a lot of factors like age, weight, heart rate, time, mass, intensity etc.

If you are interested to burn your calories then you should focus on the stroke rate. It does not depend upon the sliding up and down but actually complete one stroke fully and getting your flywheel to create more power. The workout stage that is known as sweet spot is most responsible to burn your calories as much as it can. The rule of thumb is if you row faster then there are more chances to burn your calories.