Best Rowing Machines Under 500

Maintain Physical Fitness With best rowing machine under 500

Rowing machine is the most versatile equipment that is more effective to deliver you physical fitness. Rowing machine provides a remarkable way to enhance your fitness by building muscles and burning calories. Purchasing right exercise equipment is a big investment and most daunting task require time and effort. However, to solve this problem take a deeper look at best rowing machine under 500 for variety of models and enjoy the comfortable experience.

Best 4 rowing machine models are as follows:

  1. Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine
  2. Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine with Free Motion Arms
  3. Stamina 1205 Precision Rower
  4. Stamina X Air Rower

Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine

In the cheapest price, the rowing machine is considered as the best rowing machine under 500 without compromising the performance. The rowing machine is perfect for your home that can give you amazing cardio workout. The convenience and comfort level is on with this Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine.

Ultra Comfort

The rowing machine is equipped with cushioned seat ready to give you comfortable rowing experience. It is ideal for longer workout.

Convenient LCD Monitor

LCD Monitor is convenient to display your count, total count, time, calories burned and scan. Easy to read screen motivates you towards your workout.

Sturdy and Large Pedals

Experience a great workout with sturdy and large pedals that come with safety straps. Sturdy pedals provide non-slip surface and your feet remain in place throughout the workout.

Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine with Free Motion Arms

If you are seeking for low impact, total body workout then Stamina 1215 rowing machine can help you in this matter. Affordable and space saving rowing machine with its cardiovascular strength allow you to bring it in your home and comes in the class of best rowing machine under 500.

Ease of Use

The rowing machine gives ease of use for cardiovascular fitness, strength and building your muscles. The efficient and effective machine mimics rowing on water.

Functional Features

The rowing machine comes with functional features including padded seats, foam grip handles, adjustable tension controls and pivot foot plates.

Track Your Progress

The tool allow you to track your progress with single button monitor displays time, row count, calories burned, miles rowed, speed, and distance as well.

Stamina 1205 Precision Rower

Stamina 1205 rowing machine delivers a low-impact and total-body workout for professional quality results even at home. The rowing machine features smooth piston hydraulic cylinder resistance along with adjustable tension controls for steady and quite performance. The price, quality and performance make it best rowing machine under 500.

Stable and Comfortable Experience

The rowing machine offers the stable and comfortable experience with rowing arms whose resistance is adjustable by hydraulic cylinders, padded seat glides on ball-bearing roller system and foam grip for your hands.

Multi-functional Fitness Monitor

Multi-functional fitness monitor allow you to reach your fitness goals and shows speed, stroke count, time, distance and burned calories.

Dimension and Weight

The rowing machine weighs only 47 pounds with a better convenience to move this effective machine from one location to another. The rowing machine measures 32.5 W by 27.75 H by 48 inches D.

Stamina X Air Rower

If you are motivated to take your fitness level to the higher level then you should invest your time and money in Stamina X Air Rower. The durable machine has durable rowing chain withstand for the years to come. The steel frame construction is highly durable and has the capacity to support up to 250 pounds. Maximize your fitness level with this best rowing machine under 500.

Comfortable Molded Seat

The machine is equipped with comfortable molded seat which contours the curves of your body and allow you to continue your workout with ease.

Wind Resistance

The rowing machine work with wind resistance and the faster you row there are more chances to meet your fitness goals.

Foldable Frame

The frame let you to collapse the machine when space has an issue and machine is not in use.


If you are motivated towards fitness and money is your issue so you can get best rowing machine under 500 to improve your fitness level. Best rowing machine is not far from to deliver you professional quality results at home.

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