Best Rowing Machine for Tall Person

If you are a rower than there are quite chance that you may be tall. In this case all rowing machines won’t fit you and you will not be able to do your exercise on it. In this case you to search for different rowing machines and then you will have to choose one that supports your size and there are very low in the market. What you will do if after all this when you open your rowing machine box and assemble it but when you started rowing over it you won’t fit on it? Obviously you will pack it again and send it back for claim which is too lengthy process. That’s why keeping in view about your time, money and ease we have researched on it and few of the best rowing machine for tall person which is given below.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5508 Ultra Tension Magnetic Pro Rower

As the name suggests it is a magnetic rowing machine which is providing consistent, smooth and comfortable rowing experience in low price. It comes with preinstalled 12 levels of rowing and user can choose any one according to his needs by turning the knob to the right or left side. According to the users review it is very smooth in rowing and allows doing other things while rowing like watching TV, listening music and reading of laptop.  Overall this machine is perfect for the tall rowers as it allows rowing even if you are of 7 feet. Look at some of the features of this machine which made it the best rowing machine for tall person.

LCD Monitor

The Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RW5508 Ultra Tension Magnetic Pro Rower accompany an extensive LCD support that tracks all vital wellness information. The screen tracks the accompanying:

  • Time
  • 500m/Time (split time)
  • Strokes
  • Strokes/Min
  • Remove
  • Calories Burned
  • Beat

As should be obvious this screen tracks a decent measure of information for being in this value run. I have seen numerous rowers in this value go with screens that lose track of these information focuses. The screen will turn on by squeezing a catch or moving the seat and will kill following 4 minutes of latency. It is controlled by 2AA batteries that are now introduced when you get the rower.


Heart Rate Monitor

The inherent “Remote Pulse Receiver” is a colossal reward that permits you to track your heart rate while working out. Following your heartbeat is a need when attempting to work out in various “heart rate zones” that objective particular objectives like fat blazing, anaerobic, vigorous, and so forth. It can likewise take into consideration more exact calorie blazing estimations. The screen can likewise track your heartbeat recuperation rate which is the measure of time it takes for your heart to come back to its typical resting heart rate. The quicker you come back to typical the better you row and these features make it a best rowing machine for tall person.

Design Concept

The Sunny Health and Fitness Ultra Tension Magnetic Pro Rower have incredible form quality and are intended for light-business utilize. It is developed from steel and aluminum and has a higher evaluated most extreme weight limit than the various rowers in this value run. A solid nylon strap interfaces the handle to the attractive flywheel permitting a solid and calm paddling stroke. The foot pedals are produced using solid, tough plastic and the foot straps safely hold your feet set up. The whole rowing machine is produced using top notch materials and is worked to keep going quite a while. Due to its design concept it is best rowing machine for tall person.

Ease for Rowers

The Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RW5508 have a substantial, completely cushioned seat and delicate, non-slip holds handlebars for ideal solace. The handlebar is somewhat bended to take into consideration a happier with paddling stroke and avoid hand and arm exhaustion. The delicate hold likewise keeps any rankles from framing. The seat is bigger than most paddling machine seats which makes it somewhat more agreeable for bigger clients. The SF-RW5508 has curiously large foot pedals to suit any foot measure and the huge glasses at the base permit clients to push unshod on the off chance that they pick.

Weight and length capacity

Sunny Health and Fitness could make a more grounded machine at a reasonable cost and offer a weight utmost of 300 pounds. It additionally offers a genuinely long seat rail and can fit rowers as tall as 7’0″. There is no lower confine on stature and clients 5.0′ or shorter can utilize the SF-RW5508 without any issues. Due to its rowing capacity of 7’0″ height it is the best rowing machine for tall person.

Warranty and price

Company offers one year warranty for the frame and 90 days warranty for the parts. Price for this rowing machine is $398


Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5508 Ultra Tension Magnetic Pro Rower is the best rowing machine for tall person because it has capacity of rowing with a height of even 7’0” and weight bearing capacity of over 300 pounds. Moreover it comes in a very reasonable price of $398.

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