The best Proform 440R Rower machine Review

The best Proform 440R Rower machine Review


The Proform 440R Rower is intended to give a cardio exercise and full-body quality preparing. This paddling machine has an exceptionally smooth paddling activity for a passage level machine. Yet, what truly makes the proform 440R exceptional is that it joins a conventional paddling machine with a low pulley station for a broad abdominal area exercise.

When you’ve finished your session, putting away this Proform paddling machine is greatly straightforward and can be performed in one basic stride. For a spending end paddling machine, the Proform 440R Rower is conventionally manufactured and accompanies a strong casing, parts, and work guarantee.


Proform 440R is a dynamic wellness machine that fills in as a rower and an outstanding pulley station. Requesting next to no space, it can bolster cardiovascular preparing and low effect fortifying activity for your entire body. It works unobtrusively and can be collapsed up after your exercises. It has made our rundown of best paddling machines at its cost class.

The Proform 440R machine is being advertised as an at-home paddling machine that is intended for apprentices and individuals with a low spending plan. This survey will help you settle on a choice. Here, we discuss how the proform paddling machine utilizes attractive resistance and if the resistance levels will be sufficient for you to achieve your wellness objective.

Pros of Proform 440R Rower:

  • Large LCD screen is anything but difficult to peruse
  • Show has check mode
  • Great paddling position for a spending paddling machine
  • Sensibly agreeable seat (if somewhat little)
  • Turning pedal with customizable foot strap intended to keep your feet set up.
  • Transport wheels for quick and simple transport.
  • Idleness improved flywheel for smooth, enduring bicycle pedal stroke.
  • Space Saver configuration enables the machine to be collapsed in one basic stride.
  • Larger than average aluminum situates rail that is lightweight and solid.
  • Movable ergonomic formed seat for ensured comfort amid exercises.
  • Most extreme User Weight: 250 lbs.

Cons of Proform 440R Rower:

  • The thin handle – not the easiest to grasp
  • Some may find the seat small
  • Bulky when folded
  • Looks out-dated
  • Not the simplest machine to assemble

Specifications of Proform 440R Rower:

  1. Dimensions of product : 47 x 36 x 18 inch
  2. Item weight: 72 pounds
  3. Price: $ 271
  4. Frame warranty: 5 year
  5. Parts warranty: 90 days
  6. Reviews: 300

Qualities of Proform 440R Rower:

  1. Two In One: Exercise alternatives are duplicated with the 440R’s pulley station. While standing, you can pull its handle upward to do an assortment of quality preparing practices for your abdominal area. While situated, you can push for general quality and cardiovascular wellness.
  2. Low Seat Height: The seat stature is low, which a few exercises favor.
  3. Simple-to-Use Console: The Proform 440R screen is anything but difficult to utilize and demonstrates separate, time, calories, stroke number, and strokes every moment. It is battery fueled, so the machine works without a power rope.
  4. Space Saver: This rower is only 76.6″ long, making it marginally littler than normal, and it can be made more minimized for capacity. The rail can be collapsed vertically with Proform Space Saver outline.
  5. Versatility: The Proform 440R Rower is a decent spending end rower particularly intended for full body cardio and quality preparing. It’s adaptable plan permits this paddling machine to be utilized is two altogether different activities. It is clearly utilized as an ordinary lower; however, it can likewise be utilized as a high-quality mentor.
  6. Smooth and Quiet Rowing Proform 440R Rower: Another pleasant component about the Proform 440R Rower is that its attractive resistance accommodates a tranquil exercise. As a dependable guideline, individuals for the most part realize that the bigger the flywheel, the calmer and smoother the paddling activity will be.


The Proform 440R Rower machine has much to offer the easygoing rower who’ll utilize it for up to 4-5 hours seven days in our view. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need something for more standard preparing, we feel different machines costing just some additional could be a superior alternative.

The Proform 440R rower machine could be tasteful at the deal cost of $271. Its resistance is best for individuals who are new to paddling, and its size is most fitting for individuals with littler bodies. In the event that you have great abdominal area quality as of now, or need a paddling machine with better strength, then we suggest picking a more costly model.

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