5 Best Inversion Tables Reviews In 2017

If you want the best inversion table than we will help you by this article. We spent our lot of time for searching the best inversion table which is right for your body as well as for you.  We will select the best inversion table for you as well as gave some knowledge about the best inversion table. There are many the best inversion tables’ reviews which work properly in wide range for user.

There is almost only one reason which sends the people to doctor because of the back pain. Now we will try to decrease your lower back pain by therapy.

In my opinion the inversion therapy is the solution to illuminate your back and neck pain. If you feel the pain in back and neck than it not just your problem although this is the common problem with everyone. Inversion therapy includes to place the feet higher than your head for attaining many physical benefits.

Now the inversion table becomes popular and also is the part of every home. The best inversion table is the rehabilitation or cure equipment for you.

The best 5 inversion tables reviews:

The inversion table now becomes a popular choice as healing equipment from pain in neck, back, pinched nerves, depression etc. The 5 items I will display are great too, and you will get great incentive at the cost they are quite recently not an ideal choice for me. Beside these 5 tables there are numerous others that have been audited. I support you look through them and the best table that is ideal for you. Inversion tables can do a mess of useful for your body just by giving gravity a chance to pull your body in a way it’s not used to. These tables can move torment, battle stretch, enhance joint wellbeing and general adaptability, and can even work your center muscles. . Here are the given below in my latest research the top rated and the best inversion tables in the world for therapy.

Inversion Tables Name And Model

Weight Capacity

Inversion Angles

Storage Fold

Product Rating

Innova ITX9600 Inversion Table

300 lbs

>120 Degree



IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Inversion Table

350 lbs

180 Degree



Exerpeutic Inversion Table

300 lbs

180 Degree



Teeter EP-560 Ltd Table For Back Pain

Teeter EP-560 Ltd

300 lbs

20,40,60 Deg



Premium Inversion Folding Table

Invertio Premium Inversion Folding Table


180 Degree



Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Therapy Table

Innova ITX9600 inversion table is the best tabular therapy table. It made with stainless steel frame. It is the durable and sturdy therapy table. The Innova inversion table is best for decreasing the back pain and neck pain which is not treated by medicine.

It has 5 positions for the inversion point of view. It is easily adjustable at height. The back cushioning takes into account sufficient solace while reversed and the four froth rollers close to the lower leg support are ideal for anybody that has felt lower leg distress or soreness when transformed previously. Basically, exceptionally it is moderate.

This is a stripped down answer for anybody that needs to begin treatment, however wouldn’t like to use up every last cent all the while. The Pro Deluxe is to a great degree reasonable and is made of substantial obligation steel to give extraordinary support.

Specifications of Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Therapy Table:
1. Product dimensions : 46 x28 x 63 inches
2. Product weight 62 pound
3. ASIN : B003QC14GG
4. Product model number : ITX9600
5. Customers reviews : 3,702
6. Price : $ 95.08
  • It is durable as well as safe and comfortable
  • Easy to be used
  • Affordable price
  • Gives you stability and strength
  • Unique and efficient features
  • Safe lock system
  • It is not folded easily
  • Limited rotated system
  • Heavy weight

IRONMAN Fitness 4000 High weight capacity Inversion Table

Ironman fitness inversion table has extra long handles of safety. It gives you non slip grip. It is folded easily. It has PVC with foam and steel. It will help you to decrease the back pain as well as neck pain.

Ironman 4000 is incredible and the best inversion table for you in the event that you are encountering back torments as it diminishes weight on the vertebrae plates and tendons.

It additionally helps in diminishing anxiety and weariness to the whole body, advance incitement of blood course; lessen the impact of maturing because of gravity and increment adaptability to enhance athletic execution. It has a removable lumbar cushion for included bolster when you require it.
As far as wellbeing, it highlights a safety belt and security bolt which enables you to control edges with productivity. Measuring 90 pounds, it likewise accompanies locking wheels for portability and simple stockpiling. Likewise, it additionally accompanies a point by point client control for easy get together.

  • More solid and stable
  • Its tubular steel configuration can bolster up to 350 pounds
  • Gives a sentiment security
  • The entire casing is covered with powder complete which diminishes hazard for scratches and rust.
  • Offers most noteworthy conceivable solace and adaptability
  • Its non-slip lower leg limitations and froth cushioning gives you awesome sentiment adaptability
  • Ironman fitness inversion table gives unrivaled back support
  • Its lumbar pad gives included back support and solace
  • Easy capacity. Since it is light weight, you can without much of a stretch overlap and store it after each session
  • Simple to set up. The hardware accompanies a directional manual, making it simple for you to gather

Exerpeutic Inversion Table with Comfortable foam for Backrest

Another famous reversal table available is the Exerpeutic Inversion Table with Comfortable foam for Backrest. Beside the customary face-up position, it likewise permits upset positions for most extreme adaptability and it can be utilized for reversed back rub treatment.

Likewise, it has a cushioned surface which gives the most elevated amount of solace. Its overwhelming steel outline bolsters a 300 pound weight limit and it can oblige statures running from 4 feet up to 6 feet. Exerpeutic is the best inversion table which I used personally.

Treatment Table is not as sturdily worked as alternate tables and in that capacity a portion of the remarks of the table tends to break so in the event that you will be utilizing your table consistently this could be an issue.

The most well-known issue when utilizing Exerpeutic Inversion Therapy Table is the strap frequently breaks after quite a while, so clients would need to buy a substitute.

Exerpeutic Inversion Table with Comfortable foam for Backrest
  • More solid and stable
  • Its tubular steel configuration can bolster up to 350 pounds
  • The entire casing is covered with powder complete which decreases hazard for scratches and rust
  • Offers most noteworthy conceivable solace and adaptability
  • Its non-slide lower leg limitations and froth cushioning gives you extraordinary sentiment adaptability
  • Gives prevalent back support
  • Its lumbar pad gives  back support and solace
  • Simple to set up
  • The hardware accompanies a directional manual, making it simple for you to gather
  • Easy capacity
  • Since it is light weight, you can without much of a stretch overlay store it after each session.
  • Needs technique for setting edges
  • The main disadvantage is that it needs highlights that streamline accommodation in setting angles

Teeter EP-560 Ltd with FDA approved Inversion Table for Back pain relief

The Teeter Hand Ups EP-560 incorporates EZ-Up gravity boots, which furnish incredible lower leg comfort with thick 5/8″ froth liners, an adaptable, tough DuPoint Hytrel shell and self-locking ratchet clasps for an adjustable fit.

The gravity boots can likewise be utilized with Teeter’s Inversion and Chin-Up Rack. The EZ-Stretch Traction Handles offer three uses in one, including extending, decompression and swaying help.

This table additionally highlights a ComforTrak Bed with creative track plan that holds Teeter’s adornments that includes weight point message, a removable head pad, Grip-and-Stretch Handholds, a pre-set revolution control with a customizable tie.

This table can likewise be collapsed for simple stockpiling. It has a most extreme weight limit of 300 lbs and can fit clients up to 6’6″ tall. The Teeter Hand Ups EP-560 is anything but difficult to gather, with devices gave. It is additionally simple to store and keep up.

This table is extremely solid, yet is really overwhelming. It likewise does not have a developed achieve lower leg framework.

  • A weight and contact lessening Comfort Trak Bed which amplifies spinal solace and contracts with you to enhance joint assembly
  • The broadened EZ-Reach Ankle System with triple bolt security include gives you a simple to achieve arrangement
  • Intense Stretch Max Handles that offer you incredible edge direction
  • EZ-Stretch Traction Handles that give you an additional advantage of extending, decompression and swaying
  • An EZ Angle Tether Strap includes that permits pre-set pivot control
  • Weight limit comes  up to 300 lbs
  • Affordable
  • Five moment gathering and simple stockpiling

Invertio Premium Inversion Folding Table

The Invertio Premium, with its high-quality tubular casing, measures an expected 45 pounds. Potential proprietors may have worries about the long haul solidness and elasticity of this casing since it’s empty instead of strong.

Intended for compactness, it’s sufficiently strong for a great many people, yet the individuals who are near the upper weight of 300 pounds might need to put resources into a stronger model.
The Invertio Premium can suit clients from 4’10” to 6’6″ tall, and it offers three distinctive modification positions on the rotate indicate control reversal speed.

The whole table is designed to crease level, and each basic component, from the lower leg locks to the headrest, is completely cushioned. Exceptional feet (made of composite) help shield the floor from scrapes and scratches.

  • Fast and simple gathering
  • Simple to store once it is collapsed
  • Very sturdy
  • Exceptionally tough
  • It is reasonably priced Easy to change the stature
  • Simple to collect and dismantle
  • Very moderately evaluated
  • Very solid and stable edge
  • The collapsing configuration is extremely reduced
  • This table doesn’t overlay for capacity
  • Setting it in an extensive room where you won’t need to move it regularly
  • It doesn’t accompany a locking pin to keep the casing together once it is collapsed


As I would like to think, I vote in favor of the Ironman fitness 4000 as it demonstrated a considerable measure of extraordinary points of interest and just minor inconveniences if cost is the main figure choosing a reversal table and you need to buy the table with the most astounding number of positive audits. Besides, when more than 700 individuals have given it 5 stars on amazon.com, you can’t just disregard the way that it must be useful for that many individuals to give it the most elevated rating. Fundamental components + loads of astounding client audits have persuaded me this is truly the best inversion tables reviews in the world.

The table with the best elements and guarantee at the most sensible cost is the Teeter EP-560 while this table has fewer audits than the Ironman table; it has a more extended guarantee and originates from the most regarded name in the reversal table industry. The above mentioned tables are the best inversion tables as well as unquestionably justified regardless of a look.